What’s in the Stars for You?


I’ve been studying astrology since the middle of the 1960s. I am a feral astrologer, meaning I don’t have a credential to show you stating I’m a bona fide astrologer.


You just got to take my word for it. Or you can read the testimonials from my clients and friends.

Here’s my old astrology section on my website http://www.norajean.com/Astrology/Index.htm and here is my new WordPress astrology section that I’m still building bit by bit http://www.auntyalias.com/ I have a YouTube channel with informational videos at MsAstroStone.

If you donate to my GoFundMe page and leave a note saying you’re interested in an astrology reading, i.e., Natal, Transit, Synastry (between you and someone else)  prepare to donate $1 per minute of my time, not including my casting your chart, or $60 per hour minimum. Mind you a hour goes by really fast when we’re talking about you, the most fascinating topic there is. We will meet on Google Hangout and I’ll video tape the chat and leave you with 15 minute videos in a DropBox so you can have it to look at later.

I will need your birthdata: Month, Day, Year, location of birth and time of birth. If you don’t know the time you were born and were born in America, get in touch with the hall of records for the county you were born in, e.g., If you were born in Hollywood, that’s in the County of Los Angeles. Birth time is a big deal. I can tell you 2/3rds of your chart without it but it takes LONGER to figure it out and the meter is running. So get that birth time, ok?


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