This is where the artwork is featured

It's all got to do with the teeth.

It’s all got to do with the teeth.

I hope I can make this blog post a stickie so it’ll stay at the top of the thread.

This is where I’ll be adding artwork I’ve made over the years that went into the tutorials for 

The proceeds from the sale of my artwork will go towards my dental fund. I’ve had to borrow money from family and I intend to pay them back with what I can raise here and and at GoFundMe.


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Rice Cracker Boomer Granny. Artist, Astrologer, Tech Geek. Survived my second Saturn return. Birthed 4 sons and have 5 grand children.

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  • Artwork for Teeth

    This site is set up to raise funds for me to get my teeth fixed. For more information please go to my GoFundMe page at 

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