Abba Fold Lady – $100

A Showgirl wearing abalone fold patterns.

A Showgirl wearing abalone fold patterns.

The Abba Fold Lady was made during a web cam demo. I asked for “Short Orders” from the ClayMates and two requests had the most votes: a female figure and review of the abalone fold technique. At the end of the demo I had a bald nude female and a whole lot of abalone fold examples.

Here's looking at you.

Here’s looking at you.

I wanted to show the ClayMates that one doesn’t have to take weeks to put together a sculpted figure. So I wrapped the bald nude female in the abalone fold samples and this Show Girl was born. I was able to show the ClayMates the next day what was made of the web cam demo short order requests. That’s the link to the pictures of how this figure was made. I can sculpt a female figure and have her dressed and ready for viewing in a couple of days because I spent years figuring it out. All the things I learned over the years I’ve chronicled on my website. Anyone who says “I could do that.” I invite them to use my tutorials and go on ahead and go for it. No one is stopping you.

The first person to make an offer over $100 for this figure on my GoFundMe page, stating that it’s a dibs for this Abba Fold Lady figure can get it. Anyone who wants to bid more than $100 is free to do so and consider themselves having a “bar tab” for astrology readings of equal value above the $100 minimum bid.

Some people would rather pay via PayPal Click on the seal below. My email address for PayPal is

Official PayPal Seal

If you pay via PayPal the minimum amount must be paid, then come back and make a comment on this page so there is a time stamp that you got dibs on this piece of artwork. Once verified I’ll get in touch with you for your address and the art will be sent to you via Priority Post.

Note: She’s been sitting on my shelf for years. She’s not brand new, but she’s not broken anywhere. Be aware of that if you’re bidding for The Abba Fold Lady.


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