GoFundMe: Raising money to help with dental costs.

GoFundMe: Raising money to help with dental costs.

I’m asking for help to raise $4K to help me with my dental costs.

That’s why I’ve started a GoFundMe page.

After 15 years of providing free polymer clay tutorials to the public and not turning NoraJean.com into a subscription “pay per view” site I’m asking my web visitors for help.

Click the link for Art4Sale to see my artwork that I’m letting go so I don’t have to let go of more teeth than necessary. 

I thank you in advance for any donation you can afford. If you would rather donate through PayPal click on the PayPal verified badge below.

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Sleeping Lady "PenPal" in a bed of flowers

Sleeping Lady “PenPal” in a bed of flowers

If you want custom made polymer clay art like “The Sleeping Lady PenPal” (and yes, she has a pen barrel inside of her) then feel free to contact me at NoraJean@NoraJean.com and let me know what you’re looking to have created for you.  This art piece took a while to do because I was using up the Flower and Leaf demos, then sculpting her around the pen barrel, while taking photos of the process as I went along.  She was sold during a “Fire Sale” because I got fired from a job and needed to pay the phone bill.  I only sell my art when there is a need to, that’s why my art work is collectible. So said one of the women who got a sculpture from me. “You’re a pain in the butt, NoraJean. Everyone knows you don’t sell your stuff unless you got to. So getting your works is a catch as catch can deal.” She wanted a certificate of authenticity for the item she got from me. If you want one too I have a stamp that I fill out your name, the date, what the item is, etc.

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  • Artwork for Teeth

    This site is set up to raise funds for me to get my teeth fixed. For more information please go to my GoFundMe page at http://www.gofundme.com/e36ws4 

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